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Composer, vocals, guitar, flute, recorder, harp

Kim has been writing songs and performing, both solo and with various bands, for around 20 years.  The first album, released in 2008 and entitled Songs from the Uglee Meadow, enjoyed by an audience of primarily folk and ethereal music fans with a penchant for literary references, nature and the arcane. The follow-up album, The Hollows, has been 4 years in the making and although some tracks are similar in style to those on the last, there is a move towards a rockier feel with the addition of kit drums and electric guitar.  The themes remain very much rooted in nature, mysticism and are strewn with numerous literary references.


Kim Thompsett

nick and tree.jpg


Various trees

Nick plays bass and various other instruments with his brother Jake (This Machine), the avant garde noise machine that is the Warrior Squares and a recently launched avant-pop outfit led by Keith Rodway called the Necessary Animals.  He is also a very talented video artist.

After hearing that he plays the tree (as you see here it is bowed) we just had to get him in the studio!

The resultant sonorous and entish sounds feature on the intro to Hollow Tree - naturally!


Nick Weekes

Lee drums.jpg


Drums, guitars, bass, hammer dulcimer (!)

I originally asked Lee to play drums on Hollow Hill after seeing him play with another band locally and soon became indispensible.  He plays and has played with various bands, ranging from metal and avant garde to indie and pop, showing a degree of sensitivity, musicality and flexibility that are the hallmarks of a consummate all-round musician.

He is a songwriter in his own right and will be releasing some of his own very soon.

lee all majikle.jpg

Lee Igglesden

Marie with horn flute.jpg


Vocals - Broceliande

Marie is the co-founder of the amazing Les Derniers Trouveres from France.  A wonderfully evocative songstress,  multi-instrumentalist and all-round beautiful person.  A chance meeting in 2004 led to a great collaborative friendship and to the group, delighting crowds in the UK at bonfire celebrations and Hastings Jack-in-the-Green. 


She kindly graced the studio to sing on the track Broceliande.


Marie Milliflore



Production, engineering, sound design

Harvey Summers is a record producer, recording artist, song writer and sound engineer with over 20 years professional, commercial experience. Passionate about originality and innovation in music and sound production, he has built his Broadoak Studios facility around an eclectic array of the finest vintage analogue and latest digital equipment. Summers feels strongly that the priority of producer should be to aid the artist in developing their own unique sound, rather than imprinting his own sonic signature on all he touches. That said, his work always shows great care and sensitivity to the emotional intent of the music while seeking new and interesting sounds that are both unusual and sonically pleasing.


Harvey Summers



Flute, recorder, crumhorns

Will is probably best known for his antics with the psych-folk band Circulus and the spin-off group Princes in the Tower.  He plays on Woebetide Hill, Child of the Breeze and notably the madcap outro for Say it With Flowers.


Will runs a series of medieval concerts, workshops and educational events at various London venues under the guise of Loki Music and spends his time researching and teaching early music.

Will sharpshooter.jpg

William Summers

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